(Yahoo!) - Even multimillionaire basketball-turned-reality-stars have bad days — as Lamar Odom can surely attest. During a heated row with photographers Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Khloé Kardashian snapped, and we're not talking about pictures, people.

According to reports, the notoriously nice guy grew irritated with the paparazzi and asked them, "Put your cameras down and let me talk to you, man to man." To be honest, that doesn't sound like such an unreasonable request to us, but what do we know?

When they continued taking photos instead of doing as he'd asked, Lamar lost his cool. Naturally, this whole incident was caught on tape.

video on TMZ shows him walking over to one of the photographer's cars, opening the (unlocked) door, retrieving a metal rod … and smashing it into the side of the vehicle. Lamar then moves on to another car, apparently also owned by a pap and also not locked.


Lamar then yanks a pile of camera equipment, including a very expensive-looking camera, from the back and chucks it onto the busy street. Stunned tourists and photographers look on as the star has a sudden change of heart and starts picking everything up from the street and putting it in his own Mercedes instead. Guess he decided to take it home.

He seems to be able to compartmentalize his anger, however, because just moments later when an excited fan requests a photo, he's a total gentleman. He even asks her if he should remove his baseball hat for the shot! (She lets him keep it on — apparently she wanted him to keep that hot head covered.)


Photo Credit Splash News