The first-ever iHeartRadio Music Awards air live from Los Angeles May 1st on NBC, and you are in control of who wins! Your votes determined the finalists. Now it's time to vote on who you think should take home the iHeartRadio Music Award in each category.


Voting is easy. Here's how:

Step 1: Log on to on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Step 2: Click through to the category on the page that you want to cast your vote for.

Step 3: Click "VOTE" using either the Facebook or Twitter button associated with the artist/song of your choosing.

Step 4: Approve the Twitter or Facebook vote. (NOTE: When voting through Facebook, your voting behavior will NOT be posted to your wall. Instead it will only appear on the iHeartRadio Music Awards Facebook page. When voting through Twitter, your tweet will be published).

Step 5: Repeat! You can vote every day.

Questions? Don't worry - iHeartRadio's own Paul The Web Guy breaks it down for you below.

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