Two Dayton men are in the Fayette County Jail on drug-related charges following an incident at the YMCA located at 100 Civic Drive in Fayette County. The incident unfolded on Wednesday afternoon approximately 3:55pm.

According to Sheriff Vernon Stanforth, detectives received information that two unidentified men were trafficking drugs while at the YMCA. Plain clothes detectives responded to investigate, observing the men engaged in suspicious activity.  While under surveillance, detectives observed one of the men meet with unidentified persons in two different vehicles on the parking lot of the YMCA and witnessed an exchange between them. Following the exchanges, the subject went back into the YMCA building.

Plain clothes detectives entered the YMCA building to continue surveillance of the men when detectives encountered the subjects in the common area outside the gymnasium and identified themselves as law enforcement officers, ordering the subjects to the ground.  At this time, one male subject identified as Keenan Dequan Lee, Age 22 of Dayton, Ohio took a combative stance with detectives and resisted arrest.  Lee was taken to the ground by force at gunpoint by detectives after repeated orders for Lee to comply with the detectives failed and he was observed placing his hands inside his jacket.  Continuing to resist and becoming further combative, Lee was secured by detectives with the assistance of a YMCA employee without further incident. The second subject, identified as Regis D.J. Motley Jr., Age 22 of Dayton, Ohio was ordered to the ground and complied without resistance.  An off-duty deputy at the YMCA assisted in the arrest of the subjects.

Detectives recovered from Lee, baggies of substances presumptively testing positive for cocaine and heroin.  A baggie containing a substance presumptively testing positive for marijuana was recovered from Motley.  An undisclosed amount of cash was also recovered from Lee during his arrest.

Lee and Motley were both transported to the Fayette County Jail where they were incarcerated.  Lee has been charged with Possession of Crack Cocaine (felony), Possession of Heroin (felony), and Resisting Arrest.  Motley has been charged with Possession of Marijuana.  Both men are scheduled to appear before the Washington Court House Municipal Court on Thursday, March 13th to answer to the charges.