Dr. Jillian Sarno Teta, author of Natural Solutions for Digestive Health, is striving to help individuals improve their well being. She said one of the most important aspects is focusing on the bigger picture.


"We as humans want to focus in on one thing to tune it up," said Dr. Teta, "but also we need to take a broader look and do multiple small things in our nutrition and our lifestyle in order to better help ourselves."


When it comes to digestion improvement, she has two major tips: the first is to make sure you are sleeping well and the second focuses on how you structure your meal time.


"You want to make sure that you're guarding your sleep and being very careful in getting adequate sleep for you," said Dr. Teta. "When you're having a meal, slow down, sit down, put the phone away, (and) chew slowly."


To learn more about her book, visit gutrestoration.com. A complete interview with Dr. Teta can be found by clicking here.