BLOOMINGBURG, Ohio (WTVN) -- An illegal grocery store operating inside a Fayette County apartment has been shut down.

The Fayette County Health Department was tipped off about the operation by a woman who filed a complaint.

"It was a customer who said she had a ban can of beans and turned him in," said Rick Garrison, the environmental director of the Fayette County Health Department.

Inside health inspectors found shelves full of food and household items. Garrison says Jose Medina had been operating the illegal grocery store for about three years.

"He said it was for the local Hispanic or Mexican population who could not drive and were not able to go into town to purchase what they'd like to have."

There were also commercial coolers installed.

"Once we pulled those coolers out the roaches...there were lots of roaches in there," he said.

They also found six live chickens in cages.

Garrison says they initially gave Medina a couple weeks to shut down the operation and remove it, but he refused. The health department was able to get a court order on Wednesday to have the illegal store shut down.

All of the non-perishable food has been put into storage pending a July 14 court date for Medina.

Medina has only been cited by the health department at this point. No criminal charges have been filed.

(Photo courtesy Fayette Co Health Dept.)