WAVERLY, Ohio (Clear Channel) -- Crews continue to search for the source of a leak that has closed Lake White to all recreational boating this Labor Day weekend.

The leak was discovered on the south end of the spillway during a routine inspection on Friday. About 50 gallons of water per minute are flowing from the leak, according to the Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources.

ODNR is continuing to lower the lake level. Spokesperson Bethany McCorkle says they have four siphon lines in the lake withdrawing water. Seepage has dropped a little but is still flowing.

Boaters were told to pull their watercraft from the lake Saturday morning or risk not being able to access their boats. The situation was more serious on the backside of the lake where water is shallower. The lake level has dropped about 3 feet since Saturday.

State Route 104 remains closed across the top of the earthen dam. Campers down stream were urged to leave as a precaution.

No word from ODNR when the problem may be solved, but they believe the dam is sound and not at risk of failure.