Students at thousands of Ohio schools will be taking the next generation of state exams this spring, but it's only a test.

"This is a great opportunity to just test the test," said Ohio Dept. of Education spokesman John Charlton. "We're testing the questions, we're testing the technology," he said.

Testing will be done in two groups that will test on separate subjects. One group will do math and language arts, while the other will test on science and social studies. Charlton says that in addition to putting the questions through their paces, they'll also look at whether or not there is a difference between students who take the tests on a computer or with paper and pencil.

These new exams will replace existing state exams next year. They are the result of new learning standards put in place by the Ohio General Assembly.

Charlton sees the field testing as an aid to students who will have to take the tests again next year, when it counts. Results this year won't count against students, teachers, or their schools.

Schools are being asked to block out about two hours for the exams; although, Charlton says they should take students about 90 minutes to complete.