Jake Owen gave three Connecticut moms the best birthday gift of the year this past Friday.

  According to People.com, Jake overheard the women speaking together at a hotel pool and saying they did not like Country music.  Jake and his personal trainer were there relaxing before his show in Uncasville, CT and decided they would strike up a conversation with the ladies.

  "We had a spa day for all of our birthdays then it was margaritas at the pool," said one of the ladies.  "We bonded because my son is in a band ... and Jake was saying how the best thing about what he does for a living is how proud his parents are of him."

Jake bought lunch and drinks for the ladies and informed them there would be tickets for them at will call for his show at Mohegan Sun that night.  True to his word, Jake left three floor seats at will call for the group of friends.

  At his show that night, Jake told the crowd about the ladies and their conversation at the pool earlier in the day.  "Where's Terri?" Jake asked.  "I was eavesdropping at the pool today and overheard someone say they hated Country music."  He then asked the ladies to join him on stage to enjoy the remainder of the show from his onstage tiki bar.

  And Terri Smith, the friend with the least interest in Country music, has now changed her opinion.  "I am especially a fan of Jake Owen - a huge fan," she said.  "It was a weekend we'll never forget!"