Bride-To-Be Wakes From Coma After Crash Thinking She's 8 Years Old

In August, Emily Falcioni was about to graduate nursing school and marry her fiance, Justin, but then they were involved in a devastating car crash that, while they both survived, left Emily in a medically-induced coma with a traumatic brain injury.  

There was a chance she would be in a vegetative state for the rest of her life, but Emily pulled through, however there was a complication. When Emily woke from her coma, her mother asked Emily her age. The 27-year-old thought she was 8 years old. 


Emily doesn't remember those first days of being awake, but she does remember the time after because she spent it going through hours of therapy and rehab, which has all paid off.

Doctors originally thought Emily might be able to dress herself after a year but would never be able to live by herself, however she incredibly beat the odds. 

Six months after her accident, Emily is now set to graduate nursing school near the top of her class. Meanwhile, Justin, who was on life support and severely injured himself, also has been recovering well and he and Emily will be getting married in July. 

A grateful Emily said of the rehab center that helped her heal, "This place changed my life in a great way. They helped me reclaim the life that I did have and I wouldn't be here today without the medical team and all the people who are here at the Rehabilitation Institute."


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