"Imagine Hillsboro" Seeking More Public Input

The City of Hillsboro is again calling on the community to participate in "Imagine Hillsboro", a comprehensive plan for the city's future. To help keep residents informed of the process, the city will host a couple of public workshop session on Monday, April 15th at the Hillsboro Times Gazette, one from 11am to 1pm, the other from 6pm to 8pm.


The open houses will include poster presentations, and input opportunities for citizens to review and comment at their own pace, there will be no formal scheduled presentations during the two-hour events. Citizens will be reviewing the planning framework, which serves as the visual outline for target geographic recommendations and guidelines. This will allow the community to create different recommendations for specific areas within the city. Citizens can also still provide their feedback through a survey available on the city's website.


The ultimate objective of the Imagine Hillsboro process is to identify what the city wants to be, the tactics that will be needed to achieve the goals, and how the community can take action to realize the vision. The city is looking to the community to be active in the planning process to ensure the plan reflects the community's vision.


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