Remnants of "Gordon" Floods Into Ohio

Up to six inches of rain caused high water throughout central and southern Ohio.

People living around Lake White in Pike County, reporting issues with lake levels before the state wildlife department opened a drainage gate six inches. By Sunday morning at five, ODNR opened the gates completely. Some campers left as the water began to rise. ODNR says they will keep an eye on water levels and take more steps, if needed, to keep the people living around Lake White safe.

The Pike County Sheriff's Office is warning residents of high water and flooded roads after heavy rains this past weekend.  Officials say they have closed close to 20 roads after almost two straights days of rain caused creeks and streams to swell.  

Pike County schools closed Monday due to the flooding.

Authorities are urging residents not to drive through high water because it is difficult to know for sure how deep it has gotten.  County leaders say they do not know when they will be able to reopen the roads.

As of 9am 9/10/18: 

Following their closure due to flooding, S.R. 73, S.R. 348 and S.R. 781 in Adams County, as well as S.R. 73, S.R. 140 and S.R. 348 in Scioto County, are now open to traffic. However, restrictions and closures are still in place on several routes in the ODOT District 9 area; these include: 


  • S.R. 141 closed from the 21.0-mile marker near T.R. 197 (Coffee-Tea Road) to the 22.0-mile marker near C.R. 210 (Forest Ridge-Waterloo Road), between the communities of Arabia and Waterloo, due to flooding;
  • S.R. 217 closed between the 6.0- and the 7.0-mile markers, between the intersections with S.R. 378 and T.R. 79 (Baptist Ridge Church Road), due to flooding;
  • S.R. 775 restricted at the 8.5-mile marker near T.R. 223 (Mounts Branch Road), just south of the route‚Äôs overlap with S.R. 217, due to high water.


  • S.R. 124 closed near the 15.0-mile marker at the junction with S.R. 772, in the community of Idaho, due to flooding.


  • S.R. 335 closed from the 1.9-mile marker to the 2.7-mile marker, between C.R. 31 (Swauger Valley Road) and C.R. 246 (Stout Hollow Road) just north of Portsmouth, due to downed trees and falling debris;
  • U.S. 23 South restricted to one lane at the 3.6-mile marker (southbound direction), between T.R. 162 (Lowry Hollow Road) and C.R. 38 (Scioto Trail), due to a slip.  

While crossing any closed route is strictly prohibited, motorists are reminded to use additional caution when traveling over any roadway which remains open but where standing water may be present.

Remember: Turn Around, Don't Drown!


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