Hillsboro Mayor Verbally Fires at Revitalization Critics

Mayor Drew Hastings didn't mince words when he gave a statement Monday to city council that Hillsboro was falling behind cities in surrounding counties as far as improvements to the city.


Hastings verbally went after some community members that he said "As a comedy friend of mine of 25 years in the comedy business once said- You can't fix stupid. And we have some stupid people in this town, frankly, that are keeping this town from what it could be".


After the meeting, Mayor Hastings explained his statement by saying there are some people who are "spreading misinformation due to their own personal interests". He added- "There have been some perfectly good efforts on revitalization in this town, but there are some people who don't like the ideas for no good reason".


"D" Building codes and enforcement were also a hot topic as well.


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