H.E.A.P. Program Applications for Highland County

The Emergency HEAP Winter Crisis Program begins November 1st and runs through March 31st, 2020. Through the program, income eligible households can get one-time assistance with their home heating costs. To schedule an appointment, contact Highland County Community Action at (937) 393-3458.


The Winter Crisis Program can provide up to $175 of assistance with regulated electric or natural gas, $750 of assistance with non regulated electric or natural gas, $550 of assistance with wood, coal, or pellets, $500 of assistance with a furnace repair, and $900 for propane or fuel oil. In addition, eligible households -those at 150% of Federal Poverty Guidelines or less - with a regulated utility may be signed up on the PIPP Plus program where it would benefit the household to do so. Applicant:; seen by appointment or as walk~ins for emergencies;


Documentation Needed to Process your WCP Application:

• Income documentation for the past 30 days unless self employed or seasonally employed, then you wil1 need 12 months- if you receive assistance from friends or family·you will need to provide a signed statement by that person detailing this assistance with their address and phone number.


For applicants and household members with no documented income source, you may be required to provide the prior year's tax transcript or verification of non-filing status:

• Social Security Number/Cards for all persons in the household

• Most recent electric and narural gas bill

• Proof of citizenship - i.e. birth certificate or voter registration card -for a complete list contact HCCAO at 937-393-3458 Hillsboro or 937-981-9718 Greenfield

• Name, address, and phone number of your landlord if applicable

• If a household member is disabled, proof of disability is required,

Clients applying for assistance with regulated or non regulated electric or natural gas must have a disconnect notice or be applying for new or transferred service. Bulk Fuel users must have less than a 10 clay supply of fuel.

For additional information or to schedule an appointment, call (937) 393-3458 or (937) 981-9718. Walk·ins seen by emergency/need on a first come first served basis

Office hours Monday through Friday 7:30am-4:30pm Hillsboro and Greenfield.

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