Swine and Goat Showmanship Winners at Highland County Fair

Swine Showmanship

18 yr old  1st Lana Grover  2nd Haley Hinkle

17 yr old  1st Paige Teeters  2nd Bryce Stanley

16 yr old  1st Mallory Parsons  2nd Spencer Wyckoff

15 yr old  1st Bobby Satterfield  2nd Peyton Magee

14 yr old   1st Sydney Sanders  2nd Katie Fauber

13 yr old  1st Cade Sponcil  2nd Corbin Winkle

13 yr old  1st Maddie Caldwell  2nd Brooklyn Baldwin

12 yr old  1st Savannah Ferguson  2nd Carly Sanders

11 yr old  1st Whitlee Morrow  2nd Madeline Brault

10 yr old  1st Grady Roberts  2nd Josie Pfeiffer

10 yr old  1st Noah Sponcil  2nd Claire Winkle

9 yr old      1st Oakley Engle  2nd Miley Caldwell

8 yr old   1st Lucas Pollard  2nd Jude Michael

Sr Division Champion Lana Grover  Reserve Mallory Parsons

Intermediate Champion Maddie Caldwell  Reserve Cade Sponcil

Jr Champion Oakley Engle  Reserve Miley Caldwell


Champion Swine Showman   Oakley Engle

Reserve Swine Showman      Miley Caldwell




Breeding Showmanship

Junior Division Champion Ava Hooper  Reserve Tessa Shinkle

Intermediate Division  Champion Tara Shinkle  Reserve Tessa Shinkle

Sr Division  Champion Grant Crum  Reserve Lizzy Peirce

Champion Breeding Showmanship Grant Crum      Reserve Tara Shinkle


Market Showmanship

Sr Division  Ryan Hornschmeier  Reserve Charles Phillips

Intermediate Division Taylor Thoroman   

Reserve Gracie Thoroman

Jr Division  Hannah Burnett  Reserve Natalie Burnett

Champion Market Showmanship Hannah Burnett   Reserve Ryan Hornschmeier


Overall Goat Showman Grant Crum       

Reserve Overall Hannah Burnett



Harness Goat Show

Jr Harness  Wesley Kelch

Intermediate Harness  Wesley Kelch

Champion and Reserve Harness   Wesley Kelch

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