Hillsboro Hydrant Flushing to Begin Monday, October 25th

Hydrant flushing will begin in the City of Hillsboro during the final week of October.

The flushing will take place from Monday, October 25th to Friday, October 29th. The flushing is done to enhance water quality and taste, and to maintain the hydrants.

Flushing will begin in the northeast section of Hillsboro, proceeding to the northwest, then southeast, with final completion taking place in the Southwest area of town.

Hillsboro water customers should be aware of change in water pressure and color of their water as these are common characteristics of hydrant flushing. Water may temporarily appear discolored after the flushing process, but it is safe. Residents can run the taps for a bit to clear it up.

Questions should be directed to the Hillsboro Water Department.

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