Message Boards Advising Holiday Backups at U.S. 35 and Bridge Street

ODOT reports they have placed message boards advising holiday backups at U.S. 35 and Bridge Street.

The Ohio Department of Transportation has placed digital message boards along the freeway approaching the North Bridge Street interchange to alert travelers to potential backups.

They say, during peak volumes, traffic on the U.S. 35 eastbound off-ramp can back up to the point that it affects through-traffic on U.S. 35, creating additional congestion as well as potential safety issues.

ODOT says they have improved safety at this location in the past, including supplemental signage encouraging through traffic on U.S. 35 to keep left until they clear the interchange. In addition, a short-term project to reduce congestion on the ramp began in September and was scheduled to be completed by now, but because of ongoing supply chain and material shortages, the project won't be completed before the holidays.

A long-term solution to further improve traffic flow and safety along Bridge Street, including at the U.S. 35 interchange, is currently in development.

The message boards will remain until January when traffic volumes drop back [and the short-term improvement project can be completed.

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