A Brief Guide to Ohio's New Consumer Fireworks Allowances

Ohioans can now legally discharge certain consumer fireworks in Ohio on certain days unless they're in a village, city, township, or county that has banned it. But, nowhere in our broadcast area appear to have banned fireworks in a list shared by the state fire marshal.

The permitted days include Labor Day, New Year's Eve and day, Juneteenth, and others...as well as July 3, 4, and 5, from 4 pm to 11 pm.

Fireworks classifications are made the by the ATF. The state law allows 1.4G Explosives, which were formerly known as Class C common fireworks, which are consumer fireworks intended for use by the general public. Ohioans are NOT permitted to purchase or discharge 1.3G display fireworks, formerly known as Class B special fireworks.

Consumers can discharge fireworks on their own property, or with permission, on another person’s property. They cannot be discharged on public property or private school property.

No one under 18 is permitted to handle or discharge fireworks, and they cannot be within 150 feet of the discharge point.

Only fireworks purchased in Ohio may be discharged in Ohio.

Learn more in from the the State Fire Marshal.

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