Hydrant Flushing Scheduled in Hillsboro from April 10 to April 14

Hydrant flushing will begin in the City of Hillsboro on Monday, April 10th. It’ll then continue through Friday, April 14th.

The flushing will begin in the northeast section of Hillsboro, proceeding to the northwest, then southeast. The flushing will conclude in the southwestern portion of the city.

Hillsboro water customers should be aware of a change in water pressure and color while the flushing takes place. The water may appear reddish or milky in color. Customers will simply need to run their taps for a bit following the flushing process until their water runs clear. It’s also advisable to avoid washing clothes while the flushing takes place..

Motorists in the area are encouraged to use caution when approaching flushing crews.

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