City of Chillicothe Announces Neighborhood Traffic Calming Project

The City of Chillicothe is taking a comprehensive approach to slowing traffic and increasing safety on target neighborhood streets.

Through a collaborative effort between the Chillicothe Police, Planning, and Service Departments, the City is looking to address recurring, dangerous speeding problems on S. Watt Street, Allen Avenue, Piatt Avenue, and Tritscheller Road in Yoctangee Park.

The program seeks to create a long-term solution that will reduce speeding and increase safety for all users regardless of the mode of transportation.

"Neighborhood traffic concerns are among the most frequent calls that we get from community members, so I'm excited to see what this new approach will be able to accomplish,” said Luke Feeney, Mayor. “Over the past few years, we've found that collaboration between departments coupled with engagement with the community have resulted in the best outcomes and I'm hopeful that this project will be another example of that success."

The Traffic Calming Program will include utilizing speed signs, targeted traffic enforcement by Chillicothe Police Department, and pop-up traffic calming demonstrations. The project will enhance pedestrian and bicycle safety in neighborhoods and aim to increase road equity to all modes of transportation.

A full timeline with targeted activities can be found at From the project dashboard, the public can also provide feedback, learn more about traffic calming methods, and review summary report outs throughout the program.

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