Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Get into the holiday spirit with everything you need to know for the upcoming holiday season


Keith Urban Remembers His Favorite Childhood Christmas Gift

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Keith Urban can never forget his favorite Christmas gift he received as a child.

The country megastar reflected on some of his most cherished Christmas memories over the years, including one of the gifts he received as a child: “I got a yellow Tonka truck when I was about 6, I think, and it’s probably still my favorite Christmas gift ever. Those things last forever, too,” he said, per his record label.

Urban, who donned a Santa hat as Brenda Lee took the stage with her Christmas classic during a fundraising event in Nashville earlier this month, previously shared memories of going to the beach with his family for Christmas, since it’s summertime in Australia that time of year. Urban said it feels “like the Fourth of July.”

The “Wild Hearts” artist also revealed what gets him into the holiday spirit, and the Christmas movies he watches every year. Urban said Christmas lights, music and decorations that transform the house into Christmas make all the difference to him.

“I love A Christmas Story, that’s a good one, and It’s a Wonderful Life, of course,” Urban said of his holiday movie traditions. “I have one of my main guitars is called Clarence, and it’s named after the angel (in It’s a Wonderful Life), and then for some reason, I swear, no matter what you’re doing flicking around the TV, but you’re gonna land on Charlie Brown (Christmas). I don’t know how that happens, but it happens every year.”

Urban released his own Christmas song, “I’ll Be Your Santa Tonight,” in 2019. He’s one of many superstar country artists to release holiday music. Listen to it here:

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